Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill

Since they were kids, Jackie and Jason Cowsill have been drawn to music, so it’s fitting that music is what first brought them together.

"I was playing a local Jazz club Sunday evenings back then. One night, while singing a Beatles tune, Jackie walks up and stands there next to the stage." Jason recalls.

"Yeah, I basically crashed his show," Jackie says. "He was singing the John part and I knew the Paul part, so I jumped up and told him I wanted to harmonize with him. Once he agreed... it was kind of magical," she laughs. "But when the song ended I just thanked him, threw $10 in his tip jar and disappeared. I didn’t even give him my name!"

Jason, son of Bob Cowsill of "The Cowsills" (the inspiration for the 1970s television show The Partridge Family), spent a lot of his childhood bouncing around venues, recording studios, and rehearsal spaces. He began creating his own musical identity when he first picked up the guitar in his early teens. With an impressive vocal range and skillful musicianship added to his comfort on stage and unpretentious demeanor, Jason has charmed audiences onstage and off his entire life. For over two decades he performed solo, reaching audiences nationwide. His original album, "Shape of the Journey", released in 2003 was met with rave reviews, described as "music with an identity, created by an artist who is clearly comfortable in his own skin".

Jackie performed with numerous popular cover bands in Arizona and California, opening for legendary acts like Jan & Dean and Jack Johnson as well as headlining events nationally and internationally. Her powerful lead vocals and smoothly blended harmonies, combined with her winning smile and dynamic stage presence, made her a standout talent in whatever group she performed with. From Las Vegas to Vail, Hawaii to Hong Kong, Jackie has sung for well-known clients like Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson, The United States Marine Corp, and many others. Her versatile, soulful vocals are reminiscent of the artists she admires: Annie Lennox, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Patsy Cline and others.

It took a few months following their initial meeting before Jackie and Jason reconnected, but once they did, they began performing together regularly. Their acoustic show of harmony-driven tunes quickly made them Eugene-area favorites, particularly on the local wine circuit. The next three years brought a steadily increasing number of performances locally and nationally, and before too long, their duo show was augmented with a full band, The Blue Valentines.  

The Blue Valentines were known for Jackie and Jason’s beautiful harmonies as well as strong individual vocals, and the musicianship of all involved. From 2010 - 2016 they provided their renditions of audience favorites from the 40’s to today, combining the best elements of outlaw country, roots, rock, blues and pop into an overall mix which was undeniably rock ’n’ roll and addictively entertaining.

Shortly after their marriage in 2010, they began work on their first co-written album under the band name Troupe Carnivàle. The resulting album "Skaal Krush" was released in 2012 and after gathering a number of talented local professionals to round out the band, Troupe Carnivàle performed all around the Pacific Northwest until 2016.

So they were busy. With two bands, and also still performing as a duo, all the while navigating their day jobs, there was little time for much else. In 2016 they officially retired the Blue Valentines, after an amazing six years, and put Troupe Carnivàle’s performances on hold in order to focus on writing new material, and simplifying things for a while.

These days, they’ve returned to their roots, and can be found performing as a duo under their own names once or twice a week somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, singing what they describe as ‘harmony-driven hits from the past, present and future’. The show encompasses a wide range of cover songs spanning a number of generations, intermixed with old and new original songs. They don’t make a big deal about the songs they write versus those they don’t though. "All those songs you didn’t recognize in the last set," Jason said with a sly grin at a recent gig, "We wrote those."

They are currently working on a new album, "Caravan Winter", with a release date inked for sometime in the future.